Coming in 2022: The New NaperLaunch Academy

Since 2016, NaperLaunch Academy, offered in conjunction with SCORE Fox Valley, has helped more than 100 entrepreneurs and small business owners develop fundamental business knowledge and learn the “lean startup process” to build a foundation for business success.

Today, we are excited to announce the newest iteration of the Academy. Beginning in January, the Academy curriculum will be presented in two separate workshop series: Starting a Business and Growing a Business.

Market Research Tips for Startups

Market research is an essential step for any new startup. Identifying and understanding your customers and competitors will help you to determine your competitive advantage and help your business stand out.

In this blog post, we will discuss strategies for researching your customers and competitors using resources offered by the Naperville Public Library. These resources can be accessed by visiting one of the library’s three locations or from the NPL website with your library card number and PIN.

Startup Basics: Choosing a Business Location

Choosing a location is a crucial step in starting a business. There is more to identifying the right location than just finding an available structure to occupy. How you go about choosing your business's location will define your organization.

A business location strategy takes planning and research and a willingness to thoroughly vet all your options. Finding the right location involves both identifying the desired qualities of a potential space and considering your needs as a business owner.

5 Reasons to Write a Business Plan

The value of a business plan is gained from writing it, not necessarily what you produce at the end. Whether it’s five pages or twenty-five, here are five good reasons to write a plan for your business.

  1. To set a road map to the future.

    Your business plan provides a map for your business to follow. Thinking through the various sections of the plan and gathering the necessary information will help you:

Startup Basics: Intellectual Property for Small Business Owners

As a business owner, you may want to seek protection for a product or service, a new invention, or printed material. There are three main types of intellectual property protection: patents, trademarks, and copyrights. All three are different from each other, and from business name registration, so it’s important to make sure which, if any, are appropriate for your business.

4 Invaluable Business Startup Services Available at NaperLaunch

As of June 14, most Naperville Public Library services have been restored to full capacity. This includes NaperLaunch, the business startup services center and coworking space located at the Nichols Library in downtown Naperville.

Reopening means not only that our spaces and technology resources are available, including the free coworking space, conference rooms, and public computers and software, but also a reinvigoration of the NaperLaunch community, which is built on the people we connect with and the opportunities we create.

4 Steps to an Effective Brand Identity

“Once we have enough revenue, we can invest in building a brand.”

Sound familiar? It’s common for small business owners to think this way, if they think of brand identity at all. Some think they don’t have the time to worry about brand in the startup phase of a business. However, skipping the important work of brand identity usually causes more time-consuming challenges in the long run.