The Power of the "Master Mind"

In the classic book Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill writes that power comes from accumulated knowledge and an individual can organize that knowledge and accumulate more of it and do so faster by taking advantage of the “master mind,” those persons who have mastered certain skills or processes and who possess superior subject matter knowledge. To access that powerful knowledge and thus move at a quicker pace toward certain objectives or successful endeavors, Hill recommends forming master mind groups, in which individuals gain insights from one another’s accumulated knowledge and experience.

Andrew Carnegie is an excellent example of someone who benefited by engaging knowledgeable individuals who shared their insights, knowledge and lessons learned from experience. He retained 15 experienced and powerful individuals who were his advisers, partners and sounding board. In fact, Carnegie enlisted Hill to document how he had acquired so much wealth. The outcome of that engagement is the aforementioned book. Carnegie felt that this practice of listening to the “master minds” of his day was the primary reason he became one of the leading industrialists and philanthropists of his age.

This relatively simple process can be duplicated today by anyone willing to devote some time and energy to it. We at NaperLaunch want to help local business owners adopt this practice by sponsoring three master mind groups. Each group will meet monthly on Thursday mornings from 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. The groups will be formed by registration only and each group will meet on a different week of the month. Each group will be limited to 15 participants at a time; if one drops out, then another registrant may join. The group members will become intimately acquainted with the business models and plans of each participant. Expert advisers will also be on hand to add insights to the conversation in each meeting. Each master mind meeting will follow an agenda and each member of the group is expected to actively participate.

We anticipate fostering a bond of commitment and support among group participants as they learn from each other’s expertise. Most importantly, we believe in the concept of “peer learning.” The NaperLaunch community is built upon that principle.

To learn more about the NaperLaunch master mind groups and to join a group, visit the Peer Learning page on our website.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 11:00