Jim King

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"I've been attending the NaperLaunch roundtable for about 18 months now. I first went thinking I might be able to find some like-minded people and keep current within my industry. What I found was several very smart people from all kinds of industries being very willing to share what they know. I've brought several different questions from various parts of my business and have always left with more than one great answer. The breadth of experience and perspective is hard to find anywhere, let alone for free.

"I've also been able to share what I know. I think I enjoy that part even more. I have experiences that others have not had and really enjoy sharing what I've learned so they can benefit and maybe come up with a better solution than I did. There are some regulars and I've made some great connections. I have resources I trust and can reach out to for myself or my customers."
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Smart people willing to share
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