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The Lean Business Model Canvas course includes an Entrepreneur Index Assessment which helps to identify strengths and weaknesses and entrepreneurial potential. Learn the "lean startup process" leading to a minimally viable product using the Lean Business Model Canvas. Identify customer problems to be solved by a product or service and how to use a unique value proposition to develop market strategies.

Learn how to use the LBMC to explore a business idea. Gain an understanding of the "lean startup process". Participants will design a customer interview strategy to identify customer problems and confirm the solutions in their own product or service. They will develop a unique value proposition and identify customer segments and channels leading to appropriate marketing strategies.

The latter part of the course is focused on development of a minimally viable product and mapping out a strategy for a proof of concept. Participants will complete the nine parts of the Lean Business Model Canvas which will provide guidance going forward with their business ideas.

This course meets four times in four or five weeks.

NaperLaunch Academy

A focused curriculum to help entrepreneurs develop fundamental business knowledge, improve salesmanship and leadership skills and learn the “lean startup process.”

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See schedule. Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. in the NaperLaunch coworking space.


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